Kim Kardashian lets her daughter take racy photo

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Kim Kardashian West is known for her fondness for sharing images in which she is slightly dressed, but the most recent sparked a wave of criticism.

This Thursday, the reality TV star posted on Instagram a photo in which she appears on her back with her bra unbuttoned, while her arms are on her chest.

However, the problem for some was not the image itself, but her four-year-old daughter, North West, had taken it.

The photograph provoked many comments.

“North West has just taken a scandalous image of Kim Kardashian and people are shaking,” posted a Twitter user.

Another one wrote: “Kim is fine with what you do on the internet and everything, but leave little North out of this.”

One user even asked Kardashian what she was doing: “Kim really got North to take this picture … no, honey. What are you doing?”.

Another person commented: “Why would you make your daughter take a picture like this? Please, Kim. ”

However, there was another group that did not consider the publication unacceptable.

“Children see their parents naked ALL the time, it’s normal until a certain age,” one person tweeted.

And on the same line, someone else said: “It’s not disgusting. North has seen Kim’s body. Who do you think breast-fed her?

Kardashian West, who recently welcomed her third child with her husband Kanye West, has already referred to the moment when she believes she will stop posing nude.

“I’m going to mitigate it,” he told Allure magazine last September. “I think like ‘Wait: I can not be doing this in 10 years’, so I could (stop) doing it at that moment. I do not know what the age limit is, “he explained.

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