Train crash leaves at least two dead and more than 50 injured

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A collision between an Amtrak passenger train and a CSX freight train left at least two people dead and more than 50 injured, authorities in South Carolina said.

The State newspaper reports that the accident occurred around 2:35 am Sunday, near Charleston Highway and Pine Ridge Road in Cayce, South Carolina. All passengers were removed from Amtrak 91, which was operating a route from New York to Miami.

Amtrak says that the main engine and some cars derailed.

There were eight crew members and approximately 139 passengers on board.

At least seven people were taken to local hospitals for various injuries. As for the nearly 70 people who are classified as wounded, their injuries range from small scratches to broken bones.

A shelter and reception site was established by the American Red Cross at Pine Ridge Middle School. There are passengers who were not injured.

There are no threats to the public, officials said, and the only road that is blocked by the incident is Pine Ridge Road.

More than 5,000 gallons of fuel were spilled from the accident, but all leaks were already secured.

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