Traffic in Los Angeles considered the worst in the world

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In a list of 1,361 cities in 38 countries, Los Angeles earned the honor of the worst bottleneck for the sixth consecutive year, according to INRIX, a company that specializes in automobile services and transportation analysis.

Drivers in and around Los Angeles spent 102 hours fighting traffic congestion during peak hours in 2017, says INRIX’s eleventh annual report.

In contrast, motorists in New York City spent 91 hours fighting the rush hour jam.

New York obtained the third place in the INRIX list. The second place was occupied by Moscow.

However, the study showed that Los Angeles had less accumulation in the peak period than San Francisco, Seattle, Boston and Portland. And when it comes to night trips, the streets of the city of Los Angeles obtained better results than those of other 35 cities.

The study revealed that traffic congestion cost motorists in the United States nearly $ 305 billion in 2017, an average of $ 1,445 per driver. These sums reflect direct and indirect costs.

The United States grouped 10 of the 25 most important cities in the world with the worst traffic congestion in the INRIX study.

Thailand topped the world list, where drivers in the Southeast Asian nation spend an average of 56 hours on peak hour congestion. Other countries in the top five include Indonesia with 51 hours, Colombia with 49 and Venezuela with 42 hours.

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