Airline Denies Boarding of an Emotional Support Hamster

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With the news of the peacock who was denied access to a plane as an emotional support animal, the world knew that the airlines were trying to establish a limit. Now it has happened again, although in this case the pet not only stayed on land, it ended up in a toilet.

Apparently, Belen Aldecosea, a passenger on a Spirit Airlines flight, had a certified hamster as an emotional support animal. Aldecosea said he previously called the airline up twice to make sure he allowed his hamster on the November 21 flight from Baltimore to South Florida. On both occasions, a representative of the airline told him that the hamster could fly with it.

However, that was a mistake. Spirit does not allow rodents on their flights, and this is what an employee told Aldecosea before going through security at the airport. Aldecosea explained that he was left in a complicated situation:

I had no friends or family close enough to pick up the hamster, I could not rent a car and I needed to go back to my house to take care of a medical problem.

In addition, and according to the passenger, an employee of Spirit suggested that he release the hamster onto the street or throw it into the airport toilet. Aldecosea chose this last option, “I was afraid. It was horrible to try to put him in the bathroom. I was excited, crying. I sat there about 10 minutes crying sitting . ” Subsequently, the company has issued a statement:

After investigating this incident, we can say with confidence that at no time did our agents suggest that the passenger should hurt an animal.

Be that as it may, the incident comes to join the recent story we mentioned with the peacock. Two cases that open the debate on what is considered an emotional support animal and what animals should be allowed on commercial flights.

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