For San Diego’s Mark Mofid, Plastic Surgery is an Emotionally Rewarding Journey

Mark Mofid MDMark Mofid, one of La Jolla’s top plastic surgeons, has a medical background most doctors only dream about.

An undergraduate degree, magna cum laude nonetheless, from Harvard. A fellowship at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Numerous, high-profile studies on facial and breast surgery that were published in major trade publications, including Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

But what he also has is something that takes years to cultivate. A loyal patient base that turns to Mofid, again and again, for a broad range of surgeries resulting in some of the most natural-looking transformations.

In other words, Mofid’s patients are not looking for the ridiculously obvious transformations. When a woman miraculously goes up three cup sizes over the course of a week or shows up to a baby shower with drum-tight skin, a perky new nose, and a whittled down waistline that would make Barbie proud, then you can bet your fortune that they didn’t go to Mofid.

However, if someone just happens to look a bit younger, fresher or a little bit more robust in the derriere or chest area, Dr. Mofid may have had something to do with that.

For San Diego plastic surgeons, the landscape is decidedly competitive. But the prestige players all seem to hold court in the same, chic area: La Jolla.

One of San Diego’s most moneyed cities, La Jolla is the same place where Robbin Wright went to high school, Gregory Peck was born, and Mitt Romney roiled residents with his plans to build a car elevator. Spoiler alert: Romney got what he wanted, but eventually sold his beloved vacation home.

But despite this hyper-competitive surgery market in San Diego, Mofid stands out in a huge way. For the face, Mofid delivers everything from chin implants to brow lifts to rhinoplasty.

Facelifts are also on the menu, enhanced by digital imaging technology that gives patients a sneak peek of what they’ll look like after the surgery. Dr. Mofid takes a holistic approach to procedures, developing a highly personalized plan based on how the patient is expected to age. The contours speak directly to the individual person at hand.

Breast implants and breast reconstruction are also major Mofid specialties.

Dr. Mark Mofid Unlike many surgeons, however, Mofid has taken a leading scientific role in medical studies on techniques and outcomes. So as a patient preps for surgery, they should know that Mofid has gone truly in-depth on what works. And there’s probably a study with his name on it in a medical journal you won’t find in the waiting room.

For skin treatments, Mofid is likely to take a multi-pronged approach. Beyond gently tightening the skin for a more youthful appearance, Mofid also offers chemical peels, botox, and laser hair removal. The ultimate goal of these enhancements is radiant, youthful skin and a stunning complexion that lasts, thanks to careful planning based on individual patient need.

Most recently, Mark Mofid has drawn attention for his Brazilian Butt Lifts, which uses liposuction through the thighs and hips, as well as grafting techniques.

With this surgery, an attainable look is critical. Fat is removed from the body, purified, and then re-injected into very specific areas. There’s a special emphasis on injecting fat cells into the upper part of the buttocks, giving a natural, sensual shape without the shock value you’d find with a Kardashian.

And one thing Mofid is truly known for is being honest with his patients on what works for them. For a person on the thin side who wants a voluptuous derriere, implants might be a better fit. For the person with more fullness in the hips and abdomen, the Brazilian Butt Lift makes the best sense because that much-needed fat can be extracted, purified, and re-introduced to the most optimal locations.

Safety is also a hallmark of Mofid’s work.

Mofid recently took center stage, not for his Abdominoplasty, liposuction or pectoral implant work, but his campaign to improve the safety of the Brazilian Butt Lift.

In Florida alone, a number of patients have lost their lives thanks to surgeons who use Silicone and other materials, leading to infections, scarring and even worse, death. Mofid, between conducting a research on the procedure and using tried and tested practices, is a firm campaigner for using a person’s own fat for the surgery, which has an extremely low chance of being rejected by the body.

For Mofid, it’s not about pushing the most expensive or drastic surgery, but rather creating lasting results based on need and projected best outcome.

And Dr. Mofid’s high standards go well beyond surgery.

As a board-certified Plastic Surgeon, he chooses only the highest quality staff. According to a recent interview, Mofid may field between 500 or a thousand resumes for a single position.

Of the candidates, experience matters – and definitely helps. But Dr. Mofid also vets candidates based on personality and temperament, as well as work goals. In fact, Mofid can have a potential employee with more than a decade of experience, but if they don’t have a great personality and a constant thirst to learn and perfect their customer engagement skills, they’re just not a good fit for the practice.

Mark Mofid sees the body as a work of art, and enjoys, perhaps above all, helping clients, both male and female, regain their confidence through a new look. He is particularly proud of helping patients look great on the outside, but also feel better on the inside.






Ron Blair is a native New Yorker, but moved to Southern California in his early 20’s. Apart from producing his several podcasts, Ron spends his free time training for and competing in triathlons. As a journalist, Ron has published stories for HuffPost as well as BuzzFeed and Motherboard. As a contributor to LA News Watch, Ron mostly covers science and health stories, but no topic is off limits if he finds it interesting.

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