Milan and Misha Kordestani Introduce New Hip-Hop Recording Label

Earlier this month, the music industry witnessed the birth of a new west coast recording label that is set to take on some of the biggest names in the industry.

 Co-founders Milan and Misha Kordestani
Co-founders Milan and Misha Kordestani

Founded by Milan and Misha Kordestani, Guin Records has released several exclusive singles in preparation for the upcoming debut album release. The first album, ‘Uncharted’ is a collaborative effort that includes performances and pieces by underground hip-hop artists who are relatively new to the entire music scene. The collection was brought together by some of the most notable rising stars in the hip-hop industry and is set to put out a new and take on something that will foster an incredible amount of artistic development. The album is all set to be released on the 1st of July, 2018.

Because of the nature of the album, people in the music industry, as well as fans of the hip-hop music scene are eagerly awaiting this new piece of music that has been put together with so much dedication and hard work. Milan and Misha Kordestani knew that creating a multi-artist album would give way to more exposure for all of the artists who represent the vision of Guin Records and establish the label’s brand.

The name Guin Records came from an old childhood inside joke between the two sibling entrepreneurs. They both used to call each other ‘penguins’ and therefore decided to name their company the last four letters of this word.

“The label is called Guin Records, an abbreviation of the word Penguin, which is a name my sister and I, who co-founded the label, call each other,” co-founder Milan Kordestani said. “We used to use the names Milguin and Mishiguin as children when playing online games, and to this day call each other Guin as an abbreviation of that.”

Milan and Misha are siblings from northern California who decided that they wanted to start up a business in the music industry together. Milan was the first to come forward with a plan to open up a record label. He knew that he and his sister would make a good team, and she would be able to contribute positively to the growth of the company as a whole. When it came to understanding the finer nuances of the industry, Misha proved to be a brilliant partner considering the experience that she already had in the sector.

The label has already released a few of the songs that come under their name, one of which was the song ‘Wave’ by Prospectz Nation, one of the artists that the company has signed on. The artist comprises of two rappers and a producer who has been known to work incredibly well with each other.  The song has currently been released on Spotify and is set to be released on other platforms soon. The lyric video of the song was also released on YouTube .

“We discovered them while listening through various demos sent by artists, and this song Wave really stood out,” Guid Records co-founder Misha Kordestani said. “We decided to buy the rights to the song and are excited to share it with the music community.”

In a recent interview, Milan Kordestani spoke about how he discovered Prospectz Nation and how he wanted to take them to the next level because of the immense potential that he saw in them. He knew there was something special about them, and with the new song being released, Guin Records wants to show the world just what he sees in them.


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