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Now that 2019 is upon us, and Americans are following through with their resolutions about dieting, exercising and living healthy lifestyles, let’s take a look back at the holiday season and dive into an interesting study that showed how we enjoyed our celebrations at the end of 2018.

The study, commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition, surveyed 2,000 Americans about their health and diets and reported that as many as 45 percent decided to postpone their resolutions about lifestyle changes, diets and exercise until after the holiday season. The study also found that as many as a third of the surveyed individuals began some sort of planning pertaining to their New Year’s resolutions in December. The exact number is 34 percent, and their top resolutions were more exercise (71 percent), healthier diet (71 percent), prioritizing self-care (55 percent), saving more money (54 percent), and taking up a new skill or hobby (38 percent).

However, the majority planned to press the pause button on all of that and indulge in festivities until now. And just how did they spend the holiday season?

American Attitudes on Holiday Snacking Shine Through in Study

The study conducted a few more analyses by diving a bit deeper into holiday indulging to investigate just how it manifests itself in terms of weight gain. They found that the average individual adds a total of six pounds of holiday weight over the season. It also looked into how prevalent this weight gain was and found that only 12 percent of people walked away unscathed or without any weight gain at all.

This not surprising given the next findings the research reveals. Having focused on the 88 percent who gained weight and looked that the sources of where that weight came from, the study found that 44 percent of surveyed individuals reported having eaten more than just one Thanksgiving dinner in one day. Furthermore, 30 percent admitted to having eaten so much that they felt sick after. Another four in ten have consumed enough food that they had to loosen a button on their pants.

The study found that home-cooked holiday food was a major culprit that renders as many as 55 percent of people unable to resist temptations, to overindulge and break their diet during the holiday season.

Another aspect of the study looked at Americans’ attitudes toward eating treats during the holiday season and found that most feel justified in enjoying limitless holiday treats even during the periods that fall outside of the actual holidays. Furthermore, the study found that the average person overeats on 13 separate days between Thanksgiving to the New Year.

How to Stay Healthy in 2019

Dr. John Agwunobi, co-president and chief health and nutrition officer at Herbalife Nutrition advises that, “Healthy snacking is a useful tool in combating overindulgence. Consuming protein-rich snacks before heading out to a holiday feast can help make you feel full, so that you don’t overindulge.” In other words, he advises that there are alternative snacking options that can help individuals say on top of their healthy lifestyle even during the holidays. Herbalife Nutrition, in particular, has healthy snack varieties that are rich in proteins and that can help curb the desire to ‘oversnack’ at holiday parties next season.

Dr. Agwunobi acknowledges that remaining disciplined is not always easy when everyone around you is indulging. “Staying on track can be hard especially if you are tackling it on your own. Developing a support system of people who know your goals, strengths, and weaknesses can be extremely beneficial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle, especially during the challenging times of the year,” he adds.

infographicThe study’s findings report that a total of 79 percent of individuals consume more sweets and treats at the end of the year, but the interesting aspect is that this overeating does not affect their attitude toward their resolution. More than half (54 percent) are convinced that they will be able to follow their New Year’s resolutions and stay healthy in 2019.

So the study’s conclusions end on a positive note. The majority were guilty of indulging and even overindulging over the holidays, but their intentions remained positive – most plan on making up for it with health-related New Year’s resolutions.

While resolutions are an effective way to begin a healthy year, a healthy diet is a long-term commitment that requires continuous and long-term practice. As such, Herbalife Nutrition offers several options that can help with not only beginning a healthy regiment, but that can also be a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle for as long as it takes to reach lasting results.

For the best results, commit to a balanced combined with regular exercise to help achieve your healthy resolutions.

The study was commissioned by Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutrition and weight management enterprise that develops, markets, and sells nutrition products including weight management, sports nutrition, and personal-care products, and conducted by OnePoll, a marketing research company that conducts polls online and via mobile phones.

About Herbalife Nutrition

Herbalife Nutrition was founded in 1980. It has over 8,000 employees worldwide, locations in 94 countries and approximately 3.2 million independent distributors. Furthermore, its products support millions of people all over the world reach their health, fitness, and beauty goals through a wide array of products such as protein shakes, nutritious snacks, vitamins, sports and energy products, and skin and hair care products. Their mission is to improve lives by assisting individuals on their path toward becoming the best version of themselves. For more information, please visit the Herbalife Nutrition 24 website:


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