Robert Bull Innovative Solution to Homeowners

It is the dream of every professional to have a seamless transition into retirement debt-free and with the ability to sustain themselves and their families in their prime years financially and leave an inheritance. With the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic and the uncertainty of life and job security, there has an insatiable need for professionals to find a sustainable solution to caution themselves against the changing times.

The Knowledgeable RoyaleLife CEO Robert Bull has innovated a life-changing solution by initiating a Home Exchange Program to enable individuals to acquire a retirement plan that serves their needs.

Robert Bull’s Home Part Exchange program acquires homes from property owners at the current market value based on two independent valuations, given that they will be willing to purchase the RoyaleLife’s bungalows.

However, Robert Bull’s initiative allows the homeowners to retain the total amount remaining after acquiring the bungalow. For instance, If the market value of your home stands at £670,000 and the bungalow costs £370,000, you retain the remaining £300,000. Through the project, Bull has enabled individuals to have an extra income for their personal use.

The visionary entrepreneur, Robert Bull developments, has ensured that the bungalows are fully furnished and fitted with modern appliances saving the retirees the hidden costs of regular maintenance. The RoyaleLife gated communities guarantee adequate security, privacy, a peaceful environment, and sufficient amenities for its residents in the UK. With his vast expertise, Robert Bull values teamwork and consistently seeks the counsel of the experts in his company.

The avid enterpriser attributes his success to hard work, problem-solving skills, and the ability to accept correction. He also appreciates the work ethic and values instilled in him through his family. The philanthropic Bull is also involved in charitable acts. He made tens of bungalows and availed them to thousands of healthcare professionals for free at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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