Asot Michael Pushes for Full Vaccination Among Antigua Residents

Barbuda and Antigua are fortunate to have a high record of vaccinated people. It is good to note that fortune continues to flow seamlessly in the region. Recently, the country rolled out the second phase of the COVID-19 vaccination. In line with the rollout program, healthcare workers and members of Parliament like Asot Michael received the second vaccine (Pinterest).


Public health workers encourage the citizens to take note of their vaccination dates. The dates show the place and time that the residents should get their second dose. With two-dose vaccines, it is crucial to get the second dose in time. It is only by completing the two doses that the residents can get optimum protection from COVID-19. The second dose facilitates longer protection and provides higher immunity against COVID-19 variant strains. In advocating for this vaccine, government officials, including Asot Michael, now encourage and educate the public on vaccination matters. Prime Minister Gaston Browne hopes to get at least 70% of the entire population fully vaccinated. During a weekend radio program, Gaston Browne highlighted the need for developing herd immunity.


For this to become a reality, nearly 70,000 residents of Barbuda and Antigua must receive full vaccination. According to the prime minister’s deadline, the country only has sixty to ninety days to achieve herd immunity. In turn, this pressures the healthcare workers, citizens, and government officials. According to Asot Michael, the goal includes vaccination of an additional 40,000 first and subsequent doses plus 30000-second doses. The United Kingdom and the United States will probably encourage their citizens to travel to Antigua and Barbuda. 

Such a step would help boost the tourism sector of the nation and consequently the economy. Asot Michael recently delivered a speech to Parliament. Asot Michael mentioned the importance of a nationwide transformation agenda within the government. For Asot Michael, the general theme would contribute to improved income, health, education, and general way of life. As vaccination continues to reach its peak, the government of Antigua and Barbuda strives to take proactive measures in the fight against the pandemic. Asot Michael seeks to encourage residents and provide vaccines to the residents. These are the valuable measures that can offer a positive turnaround for the nation.