Growth of PosiGen under PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart

PosiGen-Solar power Efficient Company

Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of the efficient solar company PosiGen.He has over two decades of management experience. For a decade, Thomas Neyhart was the COO of Utica rentals. He is currently the most sought-after speaker at renewable energy and construction business forums. Before becoming PosiGen CEO, Thomas was an accomplice in a leading search firm that represents considerable authority in development staffing that set more than 2,500 development experts all through the United States.


PosiGen is a Solar Power Company that advocates cutting utility bills by using solar-powered electricity without upfront costs. PosiGen is attempting to execute sun-based forces for all. We need sun-powered to be reasonable and straightforward to get to, particularly for low-to-direct pay networks and networks of shading. PosiGen CEO says by making sun-oriented more available through their sun-powered renting program; they are making it workable for families in need to cut on bills. In addition, families can invest Money saved from the statements to stir local growth. 


Inclusion and diversity are the core drivers of PosiGen because more than 65 percent of its workforce include women and people of color. In addition, PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart has stated that the company works directly with its consumers who live in luck. By making solar energy affordable, more people are likely to embrace solar power technology, thus saving the environment. PosiGen was birthed after the devastating effects of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. People were reconstructing their homes, and there was no affordable power. PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart, together with his team, grabbed this as a chance to install solar power energy to the masses. Today, PosiGen installs thousands of solar power energy to all populations across America.


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