John Ritenour, Incorporation of the Sports industry in IOA

With the risks involved in the sports industry, IOA has led and ensures the best services to women and men in the sports industry. The company, founded in 1998 by co-founders John Ritenour and his wife in 1988, has been fundamental in comprehensive business since then, incorporating different sectors including aviation, entertainment, and others.

The coincidental idea has primarily minted as a profitable business for the company and the sporting clubs and individuals involved. IOA agreed to work with a representative from Orlando, and since then, the company has tried to fill the void in the sporting industry.

Each business lays back due to risks involved in various platforms. Still, John Ritenour saw a positive nature. Through essentially envisioned goals and the potential into sports insurance, the company has worked to implement and develop insurance policies in the sports sector. John Ritenour and his team are primarily equipped with the necessities and broad in-depths involved in the industry. They are mandated to get to know the team before the insurance policies are administered.

Despite the risks and other issues related to the sporting industry John Ritenour has been keen to incorporate the interests of his clients first. They strategize on being on the same page, providing them with the best guides, in addition to helping clients with cost-effective solutions for their insurance and risk management needs.
John Ritenour’s company has been recognized as a privately held company, and with its excellent insurance packages, it’s among the biggest in the United States. The company has also partnered with various teams, including Orlando City Soccer Club insured since 2017, Ladies Professional Golf Association, among many others. The company hopes to brave it all through opportunities that come its way. IOA is under the arms of Heath Ritenour, who is the current CEO and chairman.

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