James Dondero: The Alternative Investing Guru

James Dondero is a highly skilled financier whose passionate pursuit for experience in financial management led him to obtain some of the highest honors in the industry. Having made the conscientious decision to acquire his accounting and finance education from the University of Virginia as a means to initiate his occupational journey, Jim Dondero set forth in life with an entrepreneurial mindset and continued to invest within himself—a preparation that enabled him to manifest a domino effect of profound achievements.

Following the receipt of his business degree, Mr. Dondero pursued additional certifications to financially manage others as a Chartered Financial Analyst, Certified Public Accountant, and as a Certified Management Accountant. Nevertheless, after doing so, James Dondero then utilized his university education and newly obtained certifications to acquire the corporate privilege of managing several prominent businesses via executive leadership roles.

He fulfilled roles as an Analyst for Morgan Guaranty, a Portfolio Manager and Corporate Bond Analyst for American Express, a Chief Investment Officer for Protective Life, and as President and Co-Founder to Highland Capital Management.

Since the 1993 inception year of Highland Capital Management, the alternative investment firm has excelled beyond operational limits to become a pioneer in the investment realm via its initial launch of the industry’s first ever CLO market and for having developed credit-based investment solutions for clients around the world. Moreover, as a 30-year veteran in the finance industry, James Dondero continuously strived to capitalize upon his expertise via the founding of another alternative investment group in 2012 that came to be known as NexPoint.

As of today, NexPoint stands to operate as a firm that blends alternative investment strategies with retail channels (real estate) in order to meet a wide range of investor needs. According to Mr. Dondero, it has been the masterful execution of innovative concepts such as this that have allowed for the long-term success of his entrepreneurial projects. Visit this page on Twitter, for related information.


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