Robert Bull’s Bungalow Exchange Program

“Buy land. They don’t make it anymore.” That was a statement that Robert Bull’s grandfather used to tell Robert in his early age. Even though Robert didn’t have enough knowledge and experience to fruition his grandfather’s idea, he made sure to act on it. He, therefore, identified successful and well-informed lawyers and accountants. Through listening to these lawyers and accountants, Robert Bull self-educated himself. It is the knowledge he acquired during his self-education phase that inspired the establishment of RoyaleLife. RoyaleLife deals in bungalows and targets older persons of 45 years and above. Robert is the CEO of the company.

Bungalows are highly beneficial, and Robert acknowledged the benefits at an early age. Retirees at times suffer in their two-story houses and homes. As a person gets old, movements, especially up and down the stairs, become hassling. However, through a bungalow, an older person will thoroughly enjoy the space even when home alone.

COVID-19 has made things worse globally, with many people getting retrenched and using their retirement schemes and money. However, Robert Bull, through RoyaleLife, has established a home exchange program. A retiree will, therefore, exchange his home for the current market value. The exchange entails receiving a bungalow and some cash. For instance, if one’s home has a market value of $600,000, and the bungalow is worth $375,000, they will receive the bungalow and $225,000. The exchange program is not only ensuring the comfort of retirees but guaranteeing their financial freedom.

Robert Bull is committed to giving back to the community. His company has over 400 employees, and they are all essential team members. Bull believes in listening to everyone’s voice and opinion to fruition his mission. According to Robert, the most incredible ideas and opportunities are rarely expected and surface in unexpected places. Go Here for related Information.