JoggingBuddy Teams Up with Michael Capiraso

Michael Capiraso has been an innovative team leader for multiple industry giants, such as NFL, Major League Baseball, Calvin Klein, and Cole Hann (Nike) before landing a position as President & CEO of New York Road Runners, organizers of the annual NYC Marathon. All of his endeavors define Michael’s passion and focus, being a visionary in branding, overall company growth, and positive work culture. It is no surprise how thrilled JoggingBuddy was to have this extraordinary mind join the team as advisor and shareholder on June 1, 2021.  Read more at Bloomberg

What is JoggingBuddy?

JoggingBuddy is an online community connecting running partners within five miles of one another. The service is completely free and can be used while traveling, available in over 100 countries. Established in 2009 as a passionate hobby to share, JoggingBuddy based their concept on two main solutions. 1.) Being active is a scientific-supported answer for many physical and emotional issues. 2.) Most people have good intentions about exercising, but give up due to time management and lack of support. If you have running shoes and activewear, you can use JoggingBuddy.

Try JoggingBuddy!

Having a running partner offers motivation and accountability. You are more likely to keep a commitment to yourself if you know someone else is counting on you. Plus, encouraging a competitive spirit helps you meet and exceed goals while still supporting each other. Our bodies become accustomed to a repeatedly used route, and having a partner allows us to safely experience new routes for a healthy change of challenges and scenery, which can easily be found and reviewed with a quick Google search. This also gives safety in case of injury or crime. (Victims are not only women!)