Staying Fit Is Essential to Staying Healthy According to Edgard Corona

Back in 2018 Edgard Corona was sitting on top of a gold mine. He had quit his job as an engineer some years before and was the head of Biofit, a successful company with over 800 Latin American fitness centers called SmartFit under its umbrella. Then COVID-19 hit, and like every other fitness center in the world, he had to scale back, watch finances and still find a way to keep his customers interested in fitness.

Luckily Edgard Corona realized what was going on early in 2019 as he watched what was happening in Europe in January. He called in his team, scaled back the plan for the new 250 additional centers and brought growth plans to a halt.

He asked team members to create video programs to keep consumers interested in their fitness program and made videos showing how people could stay fit at home using things they had around the house.

In 2020, the SmartFit centers were allowed to open again, but the conditions were restrictive and he had nowhere near the customers he once had. Even today, Edgard Corona struggles to bring customers through the doors and it is understandable. Everyone is frightened of this disease.

But as the vaccination program continues, Edgard Corona is also making changes to the SmartFit centers. Managers have sanitation regimes at the top of their list, and this is an ongoing program that will not stop even when COVID-19 is over.

Cleanliness is a top priority for every SmartFit center. It just takes thinking about what you would want from your own workout center.

Although the centers are not as popular now as they once were, he is confident that people will want to work out now more than ever. They have learned an important lesson. Keeping fit is essential to staying healthy. To know more click: here.