Jake Medwell and Sudarsan Thatta Company's Alliance.

The co-founder and Partner of 8VC, Jake Medwell, and the CIO of Lineage Logistics, Sudarsan Thatta, recently announced an alliance between the two companies. The two companies are believed to make a magnificent impact in the logistics and transportation industry through collaboration.

The lineage Logistics Company is renowned worldwide as the largest temperature-controlled facility. 8VC, on the other hand, has been mentioned as the top venture capital investor in supply chain technology. An alliance of the two companies will lead to the production of large technology platforms that will have a long impact on society.

In a press release, Jake Medwell mentioned that this alliance is because Lineage Logistics has proven to be the fastest forward-thinking company and the most impressive organization he has seen in his entire career. Medwell believes working with Lineage company will enable him to gain more insights on how scale, size, and technology capabilities.

Sudarsan Thatta, on the other hand, mentioned that working with 8VC has already started improving on the company’s performance and enhancement. He pointed out that through working with Medwell, Lineage has been able to form their first and only data science team, which has increased the company’s exposure to some new and exciting technologies and advanced its technology roadwork.

The companies’ collaboration aims to speed up the evaluation of the supply chain innovation, investing in start-ups in supply chain technology and co-developing technology. Some of the creations that are to be made by the alliance include tech-enabled products in automation, supply chain visibility, and digital brokerage.

Learn more about Medwell: https://medium.com/@jakemedwell/about