San Francisco Giants CEO Greg Blatt, Is Not A Man Ready To Quit Soon

Greg Blatt the great CEO pursued an undergraduate degree in English, before enrolling in a law school in Columbia. Immediately he graduated, he got a noble position at a leading mergers and acquisitions law firm in the New York. The work was extremely demanding to the extent that he doubted whether he wanted to continue practicing as a lawyer despite gaining experience, and strong work ethic.

The CEO admits that joining IAC was the most exciting opportunity for him, despite currently holding same position at Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia. Greg Blatt worked as IAC’ Executive Vice President, member of the chairman’s office, and General Counsel from 2003 to 2009.

When Greg Blatt joined IAC, he became a mentee to Barry Diller, the CEO of the time, thanks to the experience he gained in his previously held positions. Barry encouraged Greg Blatt to cautiously observe and take part in the company’s strategic and operational decisions, despite the fact that it was not part of his job jurisdictions as the company’s general counsel.

Greg Blatt particularly considers himself an adept problem solver. When one of their subsidiaries, was going through a tough time, Barry sent him down to Texas as the CEO to provide the much-needed solutions. It wa san unexpectedly quick U-turn, and within a few months Greg Blatt managed to get the company back on its feet towards growth.

Greg Blatt is well-known for his natural ability towards great decision-making for the fastest-growing sector of online dating. He is the current Chief Executive Officer for both IAC and Match Group and Tinder. He personally strives to keep a greater part of his day unscheduled so that he can keep a healthy balance between proactively and reactively working, while at the same time preserving sufficient time for the unexpected necessities.

Greg advices other CEOs to ensure that they have the best team, motivate the team members, and empower them to make their companies’ dreams a reality. He admires inquisitiveness as the best trait for every leadership, an idea he learnt from his law school. Refer to this article for additional information.


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