PosiGen Efforts in Providing Solar for All

Solar energy through solar panels is beneficial to the environment’s well-being, and it’s useful both socially and economically. It’s clean, simple, and efficient. However, solar energy is quite costly, and many Americans cannot access the technology. Many middle-class people cannot pay the thousands of dollars needed for solar energy because they have to wait several years before breaking even and saving on electricity (Nola). 


Leasing is a great answer, but unfortunately, most solar providers require minimum income requirements or credit scores that push out middle-income earners. However, energy efficiency should not be a luxury for the rich PosiGen commitment is to ensure that all have access to solar regardless of their financial situation. Most solar providers will not bother to make you an offer if you do not have substantial savings, high credit ratings, or high income. It is not fair since solar power from PosiGen can do wonders for your financial situation besides helping keep the environment safe. It is beneficial in every way, but because of the requirement, your dreams to own a solar system may end drastically because of your credit and financial history. 


Luckily PosiGen is more concerned with your potential savings than with your credit history. They offer you a solar lease that ensures that you keep your air conditioner on without worrying about high electricity bills. The company allows you to take advantage of the benefits of the solar system to save money, increase the comfort of your home, and protect your environment. PosiGen solar power company uses a free pre-feasibility analysis in its efforts to bring solar to all. Their engineers calculate the savings you would make with solar. 

They consider the history of energy expenditure and consumption and the amount of energy your rooftop can generate. It is made through the PosiGen energy audit. The company works on ensuring that its customers save money through their non-FICO-based lease. Through the estimates from their engineers, Posigen can come with an exact amount of savings you would make with solar as such solar becomes your minimum income guarantee. You will pay the discounted fixed rate required for the solar lease from your savings and pocket the difference. The company offers system monitoring, ensuring energy efficiency and maintenance, as part of the fixed monthly rates. It makes sure you make the maximum savings by fixing problems such as air leaks.