Thomas Neyhart: PosiGen Uplifts People of Color

People of color were the most affected group after Hurricane Katrina’s devastation. They couldn’t access relief programs rolled out by the government. Therefore, they remain in severe poverty, with no electrification and essential services. Therefore, PosiGen is devoted to supplying these communities with an affordable source of power. With the increasing need to enforce renewable energy sources, the solar company led by Thomas Neyhart, decided to supply cheap solar power to these neighborhoods. Since PosiGen started supplying affordable solar power, it has been a great source of relief to people of color. 


First, they have access to a cheap source of electricity that doesnt hurt the environment. Therefore, they can save on their bills and use the savings to finance other things. As such, people in these neighborhoods have developed themselves, opening a business that earns them income. Installing solar panels isn’t a hard task for clients. Thomas Neyhart states that they need to state their energy consumption, and PosiGen determines the best solar panels for them. Then, they tailor the best payment plan that would ensure that they sustain the payments. 


Installation is free, and the clients don’t have to worry about any cost associated with installation and maintenance, Thomas Neyhart keeps on. PosiGen solar power company has also ensured that people of color’s neighborhood have been kept free from pollution. Other energy sources like fossil fuels have been significant pollutants. However, solar power is environmentally friendly. Besides, it opens up avenues for research as it encourages these people to look into alternative innovations that would rely on solar power rather than fossil fuels. As such, PosiGen has boosted innovation in this sector.

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