Ryan Kavanaugh’s Next Act

The Triller app is a social media platform that allows for easy sharing of video content. The application was created by Ryan Kavanaugh, the founder, and CEO of Relativity Media. When he first launched his company in 2004, Kavanaugh had no idea how to make movies or TV shows. But now Hollywood’s newest power player has mastered the art of disruption across two industries: film and digital media.

Kavanaugh is an extremely ambitious man with an open love for challenging the status quo. Described as a “renegade” in GQ, Kavanaugh has shaken up Hollywood. His company hasn’t just survived the recession but thrived through risky financing deals and diversification into digital media.

Relativity Media is arguably one of the most successful companies to emerge from the recession. Kavanaugh himself has been called “the ultimate Hollywood renegade” by The Hollywood Reporter, not just for his business prowess but also for his disruptive image. Kavanaugh has almost singlehandedly created a new model for financing films, which he calls “fiscally responsible filmmaking”. It is a model that has the Hollywood establishment very worried – and ready to fight back against Relativity.

Ryan Kavanaugh is a true outsider. And in Hollywood, that’s rare. The 31-year-old has little time for the big-name moguls who run this town and even less patience for the indulgences they love: hot tub parties, private planes, and trophy wives.

When Ryan Kavanaugh isn’t challenging the status quo in Hollywood, he is challenging it with his Triller app. Triller allows people to share their videos quickly and easily on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. The platform has a very young feel to it, which makes sense when you consider that Kavanaugh himself is only 36 years old.

And as Kavanaugh himself says, he isn’t just a film producer — he’s an innovator and entrepreneur.