How Roland Dickey Jr. Keeps His Empire’s Kitchens Busy 

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit has gone from one small-town storefront in 1941 to a fast-casual empire with over 500 locations worldwide.

Roland Dickey Jr. , grandson of the original Dickey’s founder, has continued his family’s legacy since 2006 when he took over as CEO. Roland’s drive for constant improvement and focus on quality have been the driving forces in his business’s growth.

“First and foremost, I would say it has been our commitment to quality that has enabled our business to scale as it has,” said Roland in an interview with AmericanReporter.

This thinking combined with detailed accounting is what has, for Roland, made the biggest impact.

“We like to say our business philosophy is ‘what gets measure gets managed'” he said about his company’s metrics and decision making.

And for Roland, a business is only as strong as the businessman behind it. Known as someone who doesn’t ‘dwell on problems or mistake’ Roland finds that learning from mistakes is always better than dwelling on them.

The fast-casual BBQ franchise CEO had this to say about his own mistakes, “I would rather observe them, learn what I can and move on.”

Roland Dickey Jr. Net Worth has played a role in bringing the BBQ chain outside of the United States to locations like the United Arab Emirates and has plans for new locations in Brazil. The third-generation company has brought Roland’s net worth to a total of about $10,000,000. His business holds the ranking of one of the world’s largest BBQ restaurant chains. Go here for related Information.


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