Persistence like Ryan Kavanaugh’s is rare

Ryan Kavanaugh has seen his fair share of losses. From having his previous endeavor, Relativity Media, go under to filing bankruptcy more than once by 2016. It didn’t stop him. Nothing would, he was determined to make the correct investment. Kavanaugh, seemingly waiting for the right opportunity, invested $28 million worth of capital into Triller. Triller being a digital entertainment/ music platform, ended up working harder than he could have ever hoped. Converting a $130 million evaluation in 2019 to $1.25 billion within a short year and a half.

Donald Trump played a massive, unintentional role in maximizing this investment made by Ryan Kavanaugh. Triller wouldn’t have gained popularity as quickly as it did; if not for Trump’s disdain towards Tik-Tok. Publicly stating a ban, he intended for the popular app; and invoking fear amongst the users. Influencers, advertisers, even everyday users came by the masses to Triller, skyrocketing the app to the most downloaded app in more than a quarter of the globe and surpassing all projections for the company.

With the newly found success, Ryan Kavanaugh manages to capitalize on it like never before. Seeing what people were interested in, he used the newly found popularity on Triller to promote a paid program, “Triller fight clubs.” Gaining the attention of celebrities such as Snoop Dogg, Mike Tyson, Jake Paul, and Wiz Khalifa. Fight club turned into one of the most viewed events of 2020. With over 30 million views in one night (all Pay-per-view) and at $50 a viewing, Kavanaugh came out above all odds, and now controlling a company worth more than $1.25 billion, it’s clear that persistence pays off.

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