Steve Lesnard – The North Face CMO

Steve Lesnard is the CMO and the vice president of Product Creation for The North Face. He has worked on several initiatives and merchandise during his stay at the company. Before his new role at The North Face, he worked as a manager of another large athletic attire brand. As the manager, he pioneered innovations that revolutionized the industry and increased its value to $5.3 billion.

Steve is a visionary leader who is focused and dedicated to ensuring The North Face soars into new heights of success currently and even in the future. He plans to achieve this through the various campaigns he has previously worked on and the ones he is currently working on.

The North Face Is Here to Reset the Normal

Addressing inequity is among the top priorities that pushed The North Face to partner with other industries to enhance more value to more people. When people get out into nature, they focus more on things like hope in life and progress. The Reset Normal merger with Lena Waithe is geared towards assisting people in resetting their lives by exploring life.

The North Face is one of the biggest donators to the initiative, whereby it has donated close to $7 million. Steve Lesnard, together with Waithe, are doing this with the help of Jimmy Chin, a global athlete and climber.