Profile of Lifewave CEO David Schmidt

David Schmidt is the current chief executive officer of the health and wellness company Lifewave.

He is also the inventor of LifeWave technology which focuses on business development for the company as well as its independent distributors.

Schmidt has worked as a manager in business development for over 30 years.

Before starting his career, he completed a degree in management information systems and biology at Pace University.

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Shortly after completing his education, David went on to pursue a number of ventures in entrepreneurship.

During the past few decades, Schmidt has owned several companies in both the manufacturing sector and in product development.

He was the owner of Advanced Applications Group where he worked for a company that specialized in research and development.

While a member of the company, David was involved in managing a company that developed an energy production technology for businesses as well as the military.

He also contributed to establishing new ways of producing oxygen and hydrogen and turbine generation systems as well as engines for rockets.

After coming up with a number of valuable innovations, David Schmidt was recognized by the International Hall of Fame of Inventors.

He was given an honorary doctorate degree by Dr. Alexander Marinaccio.

Along with receiving this honorary doctorate degree, David was invited to work with the Navy in developing their next-generation program for mini-submarines.

His latest project has been LifeWave Technology.

David Schmidt spent three years finding a way to naturally increase energy and stamina.

He developed a solution that involved elevating fat burning as well as using wireless communication equipment.

David developed the process of phototherapy which focused on using technology to help people achieve peak physical performance in a variety of athletic activities.

Today, LifeWave Technology is offered to the public.

After committing himself to 15 years of developing this technology, David was able to reach one of his most important professional goals.

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