Edgard Corona, the Entrepreneur

Edgard Corona, a chemical engineer by Profession, is famously known in his country in the fitness segment. He has always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. He was running his family’s business, sugar mills, before founding Bio Ritmo in 1996, in Santo Amoro, even though he did not know the field.

He left the Corona Family’s Sugar Mills after getting into an accident that made him undergo physical therapy. In 2009, he inaugurated Smartfit, which has emerged as the best in Latin America by changing how people exercise. Edgard Corona is trying to ensure that his facilities are people’s first option by providing a low-cost and best clubs section in the market.

He made many mistakes in his first investment, Bio Ritmo club where he lost so much money, but everything changed when he decided to extend his parking and space. He was stimulated by the design and adventure of the restaurants in London to open another branch in Paulista, which turned around the whole market.

He didn’t want his clubs to be unique with the restaurant blueprint. The high interest and inflation rate in Brazil hindered their growth, leading to price fluctuations every month. Lack of fitness equipment in the club was the greatest challenge they went through. The income has also been low because o the high cost of power and water due to the water shortage in Brazil.

Edgard Corona attended the IHRSA event for the first time in the year 2001, and then he hired an expert presenter after he realized that he needed efficiency in refining his sales process. He also installed theatre-style lighting at the Higenopolis club in 2005 to control the interior location challenge. The customers’ profile in the club determines the type and instructor that wil be in the gym. Edgard Corona decided to concentrate more on Smartfit because business is booming on this side of the market. Edgard Corona‚Äôs: Facebook Page.