Vik Bansal; The Australian manufacturing industry should be revived

The history of Australia is not new in the minds of many people in the world. The country has given its businesses a listening ear over the years. The COVID-19 pandemic brought out an ugly side of most countries. Vik Bansal InfraBuild, a veteran engineer living in Australia discovered that this country, despite its great efforts in the past, had not managed to set things right in the manufacturing department. Manufacturing, according to the Indian born Vik Bansal, was languishing in problems. This was not the case years ago. In the twentieth century, just after the Second World War, one every three citizens in Australia were working in the manufacturing department. If we go by these statistics, it means that Australia has great and strong foundations in manufacturing. The figures have changed as the years went by. In the 70’s the Australian manufacturing department was making over thirty percent of the domestic products. The figures have gotten so bad in the recent years. The new research is giving Vik Bansal and other professionals sleepless nights. The country is making just six percent of the total products in the nation.

Australia has opted to export most of its raw materials to other nations in the world. These countries use the raw materials to make various products, add great value to the items then sell the products to the Australian population. The imported products are not cheap to the Australian consumers. If these items were being made in the country from scratch, the people would reap major benefits. First, the price of the products would go down, and many people would get into great employment opportunities. Vik Bansal, though his InfraBuild organization, is preparing to give the manufacturing a great future. The engineer wishes more Australian manufacturers will get into the job market and make a great impact.

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