Alex Pissios Starts Up CineSpace Organization

Alex Pissios is a former real estate developer who is now the founder and chairman of CineSpace. His organization is a non profit that focuses on helping people get into the film and television industry. Alex founded this organization in an effort to give back to the community and honor one of his dear relatives. 

Before starting his career, Alex Pissios attended Northern Illinois University where he completed a degree in English. After finishing up college, Alex went into real estate. For many years he was a successful developer. As a real estate developer, Alex completed many projects in Chicago which are still prime residential and commercial sites today. However, the great recession of 2008 resulted in Alex getting out of real estate development in order to avoid bankruptcy. 

After ending his career as a real estate developer, Alex Pissios decided to get involved in the film and television industry. He founded CineSpace which focuses on providing education and training for people who are interested in a film career. His organization offers an apprenticeship program which enables individuals to learn about the industry and develop the skills necessary to succeed. 

Since its founding, CineSpace has grown into Chicago’s top production studios. Today, the organization has dozens of production offices and stage sites to accommodate people who are looking to become producers, directors and actors. With the founding of CineSpace, Alex Pissios has provided many young Chicago residents with the resources they need in order to fulfill their dream of being in the film and television industry.