Andrew Lazarus Hospitality Tycoon

Andrew Lazarus’ Early Career:

Lazarus is a well-known name in the Sydney, Australia region.

Lazarus is known mostly for his success in the hospitality industry.

He has made a name for himself by helping restore older hotels and developing new properties in the Sydney area. His career also extends to the business of nightclubs.

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Andrew Lazarus opens and revamps many within the Sydney area.

As he begins to near retirement age, Lazarus is doing more hands-on work with charities.

He owns hotels such as the Eastern in Bondi Junction, and the Exchange Hotel in Hamilton.

He also owns Shoal Bay Country Club and was the previous owner of the Kings Cross Nightclub Soho.

Lazarus’ Real estate Transactions:

While Lazarus is most well known for being a hotelkeeper, he also made the news in 2018, when he sold his famous Vaucluse home for eight million dollars.

The home is in the high-end park precinct area and has interior design work completed by famous designer, Cameron Kimber.

It is considered by many to be a trophy home.

Lazarus’ Current Work:

As Lazarus nears retirement age, the number of projects that he is taking on is decreasing.

However, before the pandemic, Lazarus purchased the very well-known Beach Hotel in Merewether; which doubles as a hotel and pub.

Renovations of the hotel are expected to happen as the world moves out of the pandemic.

As Lazarus gets closer to retirement; he hopes to switch his focus more to hands-on charity work.

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