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PosiGen Efforts in Providing Solar for All

September 24, 2021

Solar energy through solar panels is beneficial to the environment’s well-being, and it’s useful both socially and economically. It’s clean, simple, and efficient. However, solar energy is quite costly, and many Americans cannot access the technology. Many middle-class people cannot pay the thousands of dollars needed for solar energy because they have to wait several…

Growth of PosiGen under PosiGen CEO Thomas Neyhart

June 3, 2021

PosiGen-Solar power Efficient Company Thomas Neyhart is the CEO of the efficient solar company PosiGen.He has over two decades of management experience. For a decade, Thomas Neyhart was the COO of Utica rentals. He is currently the most sought-after speaker at renewable energy and construction business forums. Before becoming PosiGen CEO, Thomas was an accomplice…