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Du Shuandong sold to Rizhao Steel

January 5, 2022

Du Shuanghua owned a steel-making factory and in 2019 it was considered one of the largest steel-making factories in China. The factory name Rizhao had a long and hard road to get to where it is today. In 2003 Rizhao Steel was born. In 2009 there was a hostile takeover of one of China’s largest…

Edgard Corona, the Entrepreneur

November 7, 2021

Edgard Corona, a chemical engineer by Profession, is famously known in his country in the fitness segment. He has always dreamt of being an entrepreneur. He was running his family’s business, sugar mills, before founding Bio Ritmo in 1996, in Santo Amoro, even though he did not know the field. He left the Corona Family’s…

Jake Medwell and Sudarsan Thatta Company's Alliance.

August 30, 2021

The co-founder and Partner of 8VC, Jake Medwell, and the CIO of Lineage Logistics, Sudarsan Thatta, recently announced an alliance between the two companies. The two companies are believed to make a magnificent impact in the logistics and transportation industry through collaboration. The lineage Logistics Company is renowned worldwide as the largest temperature-controlled facility. 8VC,…